Getting Through This - Together

Your DBA Board and Fellow Members are Here for You During this Trying Time
This page intends to serve as a central place to get vital information to help your business and employees manage through the COVID-19 crisis.  Here you will find links to official government resources, pertinent articles, marketing best practices and tips from other business owners.

Business Resources

Official Government Resources

Here you will find information regarding any local, county, state and federal programs that can help your business. It is continuously updated to include new legislation, so check back frequently.


Highlights include:

  • Preparing Workplaces and Responding to COVID-19 in the Workplace

  • SBA Relief Options, Including Loans and Grants

  • Link SBA Disaster Loan Application

    • Tip:  Rob Cerminara, SBA Specialist at Community Banks of Colorado, can answer your questions and start the process.​ (303) 578-6245

  • Information Regarding Federal Taxes - both Deducting COVID-19 Expenses and Tax Deadline Extensions.

This Town managed site alerts Parker Citizens of Town closures and cancellations as well as pertinent news flashes.

Marketing Resources

The Town's Economic Development Department hosts an interactive map showing businesses that are open. Add your business to this list by clicking the "Add a Business" button in the upper right corner.

Additionally, maintains a list under Still Cooking.  Be sure your business is on the page and all information is correct. E-mail with any corrections.

Pre-payment cards are like gift cards but no holiday is needed!  The DBA will be running a social media marketing campaign urging people to buy cards now that they can use later.  This can offer much needed cash flow to a business during this crisis.  We will have a separate webpage listing DBA members offering such cards.  We strongly recommend you offer a discount/bonus program to incentivize purchases now.  Click "Sign-up" button below to have your business listed. If you need help processing payments please reach out to Kris @

Other Marketing Resources

  • Streetify offering free virtual storefronts for first month

Members Helping Members

We've created a running list of business owners willing to help each other get through this crisis as well as tips and tricks they've learned along the way. Please contribute - the more content the more value to you and all DBA members.

Financial Information

Webinar: Financial Solutions for Business Owners During COVID Shutdown

We're holding an expert webinar to provide guidance on financial strategies and pitfalls.  Subjects include debt management, SBA loans qualifications and process, marketing strategies and other sources of liquidity.

Webinar Replay

More Financial Resources

Employee Resources


This Town managed site alerts Parker Citizens of Town closures and cancellations as well as pertinent news flashes.

Everything you need to know about unemployment benefits and how to file a claim.

Provides information on workplace safety, displaced worker grants, and questions & answers regarding the Family Medical Leave Act.

Other Sources of Help

A terrific resource for those in financial distress. MMI helps with budgeting, credit counseling, debt consolidation, negotiating with creditors, bankruptcy education, understanding your credit report, and more.

The Parker Task Force is dedicated to providing individuals and families in our community with food, limited financial assistance and other support services to help them become self-sufficient. These services will be delivered with compassion, dignity and respect by our 100% volunteer staff.

SECORCares serves the residents of Arapahoe, Douglas, and Elbert Counties who are struggling with suburban poverty.  Through our free food market, guests are able to shop and put food on their tables, without concern for payment.   

Assistance for Bartenders or Spouses & Children of Bartender who experience a catastrophic event.

Pertinent Articles